How to use Kindle fire Skype

In this fast moving world, one cannot imagine a life without technology. There are newer and better innovations made every single day to make life easier and while on the go. The kindle fire tablet is one such technological marvel, which literally helps you stay connected with friends and family and up to date irrespective of which corner of the world you are located. The thin tablet is extremely useful with loads of information and fun all loaded inside the miniature device. It can be carried with you anywhere and at any time.
Now coming to main question being shot across by numerous Kindle Fire users. Can you use Skype on your Kindle Fire android? Well actually, the answer is partially yes and partially no. kindle fire Skype does not work on voice calls to be precise. When you try to voice chat using your personalized kindle fire, app you get a message, which specifies some absurd reason for the call not going through. There have been instances where kindle fire Skype for voice calls have reached the stage of initialization but after that the call goes dead. Thus if you are planning to voice chat using kindle fire Skype it would certainly be a bad idea as it does not work directly.

However, the positive side of using kindle fire Skype is that you can still chat normally using the android. The tool is not equipped with an in built microphone but there are ways in which you can install an external microphone to your kindle fire. If you are able to install your stereo’s mic using the four-pin jack top the kindle fire then voila! You can voice chat-using Skype on chic kindle fire. Therefore, you need to ensure that you install the Skype application for android version before you set out on any Skype journey. This kindle fire Skype version is available in the Google android market but not available in the Amazon App store.
Thus if you get the kindle fire Skype android version installed on your tech toy and you also install an external mic you can enjoy fun filled hours of happy voice chatting with your friends and relatives without the call being dropped after initialization. Therefore, go ahead and equip your kindle fire to be compatible for Skype through these simple methods and have fun voice chatting using Skype on your exclusive kindle fire.

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